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Back to Basics

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

After doing a few more complicated shots lately, I figured it was time to try something simple. I haven’t done a walk cycle since the earliest classes at Animation Mentor, and that wasn’t even full body animation. Walk cycles may not be the most interesting animation in the world, but it’s still really good practice. I didn’t want to do a completely vanilla walk, so I looked around for some nice props to try to add some resemblance of personality to the whole thing.

There is still some minor polishing that needs to be done before I consider the shot complete, and I have gotten a bunch of great feedback from people at the AM forums that has been really helpful, so I will be having another look at it later this week.

CG Studio Map – Another Job-Hunting Tool

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

Found this site a few weeks back, and I though I should share it. Just like the two game studio and animation maps I posted earlier, this map has a list of a bunch of CG studios. So this map should be really useful if you’re looking for a job in the CG industry, whether its in animation, 3D modeling or anything else. As I’m writing this there are 700 studios listed on the site, I’m not sure if all the information is up to date, but you should still have more then enough to choose from if you’re looking for a job.

CG Studio Map Website

Two Brilliant Sites For Job-Hunting Animators

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

Discovered these two fantastic sites a few days ago and thought I should share them with all you fellow animators and VFX-geeks out there that are looking for jobs in the industry. Both of them are really neat and should help you with finding different studios you can apply to. I’m definitely gonna have a closer look at these two sites once I get me demo reel done.



GameDevMaps basically gives you a map of most of the game development studios in the world. All you have to do is click on a location and the site will show you a list of all the studios in that area together with a link to their web site. Absolutely a great web site if you’re looking for any kind of job in the games industry.

Wayfaring – Animation Places of Interest

Wayfaring - Animation Places of Interest

Same concept as GameDevMaps, except this site covers all kind of games/film/commercial studios etc, not just the ones that are game related. Also if you see a studio that is missing, you can easily add it to the maps yourself. And since Wayfaring uses Google Maps the site gives you a much more accurate location of where everything is.

Progress Update

Friday, August 13th, 2010

So I finally got around to actually doing some animation that I figured was worth posting. What I’m currently working on is a sequence of three body mechanics shots, because I really wanted to do some action/parkour type animation which I never got around to doing when I was a student at Animation Mentor. This shot is part of what will hopefully end up on my demo reel.

The blocking is still quite rough. It’s still missing quite a few in-betweens, and the poses them selves need some polish. I also have yet to do any work on the hands, so that needs to be dealt with. Other than that the shot is moving along quite nicely I think. I have also started blocking the second shot in the series, but it still needs some work before posting it here. I am getting closer and closer to having an actual demo reel at least.

Class 6, Week 7 – Almost Done

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Got my eCritique back fra Jason last night and I got some very positive feedback. Only a few minor changes that needs to be done, other than that it’s very close to being finished. Which means that I’ll also be starting on another one of my older shots that I have been looking forward to working on.

The body mechanics are pretty much done, needing only a few minor tweaks here and there. The little arm gesture I added when he says “I’ve got a plan” needs a better arc, and should be held a bit longer. As it is now he drops the arm a bit with out any motivation. The left arm on frame 114 needs a tiny bit of overlap to avoid from hitting the poses so hard.

The lip sync is a bit off during the last half of the shot, and needs to be pulled back about one ore two frames. The lip sync is in general a bit symmetrical and boring, so I should probably look into way of breaking it up in places.

Other than that I’m pretty much close to being done I think. Unless someone has noticed something I haven’t?