First Impressions of Google+

So I got invited to Google+ a few days ago by an Animation Mentor friend of mine, and with me being a huge fan of Google and their many projects (who isnt?) I was really looking forward to trying it out. Personally I sort of abandoned Facebook quite a while ago, for a variety of reasons, and I have been using mostly Twitter in order too keep in touch with people. I have also been hoping for Google to come up with some sort of competitor for Facebook, and now that they have i really hope they succeed.

And so far I have to say that Google+ does look promising. The only real problem it has right now is that there are so few users so you really have no idea what it will feel like once you start having over 100+ people in your friends list and people start using it actively. But the Circles feature looks like it will be able to do a good job of filtering out those people you don’t really have that much of a reletionship with, which is good.

One thing that I’m also worried about is that many people will start using it more like Twitter than Facebook, and spamming it with too many updates all the time, whitch is something that I think might ruin some of the experience for other users, but then again, you can just use Circles to filter out those people. All in all I think Google+ has some great functionality, and I’m looking forward to playing around with it more as the service evolves.

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