Update On What The Hell Is Going On

So it has been a few weeks since I graduated from Animation Mentor now, and in those few weeks I have, in fact, been doing absolutely nothing. Well, that’s not competely true, as I have been to work a few times because I really need the money, seeing as I’m saving up to buy a new MacBook Pro, and those things don’t come cheap.

But what I have had is a short vacation from everything animation related, and it has been great. Generally I’ve just been laying around in the sun, gaming, and watching TV. After 18 months at AM I really needed some time off. But you can’t just lay around doing nothing forever (if you could, nothing would ever get done, you see). So now I’m working on getting back on the metaphorical animation horse, as it were.

I’ve been spending a few days now working on some ideas for some ideas for new shots to animate, and I’m currently playing around with a body mechanics-type shot that I think would be fun to try out.

My plan so far is to start sending out my first demo reel by the end of August, depending on the quality of the work of course, but I think it’s a reasonable time to get a few good shots done. Hopefully I’ll get some response, but in the very likely event that I don’t, I will of course continue working until I have a reel that is more than good enough to get me a job.

But now I need to get back to a few hours of procrastination, before I consider doing something constructive.

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