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Class 6, Week 7 – Almost Done

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Got my eCritique back fra Jason last night and I got some very positive feedback. Only a few minor changes that needs to be done, other than that it’s very close to being finished. Which means that I’ll also be starting on another one of my older shots that I have been looking forward to working on.

The body mechanics are pretty much done, needing only a few minor tweaks here and there. The little arm gesture I added when he says “I’ve got a plan” needs a better arc, and should be held a bit longer. As it is now he drops the arm a bit with out any motivation. The left arm on frame 114 needs a tiny bit of overlap to avoid from hitting the poses so hard.

The lip sync is a bit off during the last half of the shot, and needs to be pulled back about one ore two frames. The lip sync is in general a bit symmetrical and boring, so I should probably look into way of breaking it up in places.

Other than that I’m pretty much close to being done I think. Unless someone has noticed something I haven’t?

Long Time, No Update

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

It’s been quite a while since the last time I updated my Animation Mentor progress now. There are serveral reasons for this, one of the being that I’m lazy, but also because the work I’ve been doing these past few weeks hasn’t been as good as I wanted it to be. But I think I’m starting to get back on the right track, and my motivation is returning back to normal. I know I’m not alone in getting a bit of track during the middle of a term.

That all being said last week I started working on another one of my old shots, the single character dialogue shot we started working on in class 4, and so far it has been a lot of fun to be working on something different.

This is the work I delivered last week, so it’s pretty rough, but I’ve gotten a lot further with it now thanks to my mentor Jason Taylor. When I first started working on this shot again whan I basically did was remove every single inbetween I had from before and kept only the most important poses.

The reson being that the shot was looking very stiff and lacked some interest. So this is the shot with brand new break downs and imporved key poses. The face and eyes are currently looking very boring, but that is something that I’m currently working on. You’ll also notice that many of that poses currently feel like they are hitting a wall, but that mostly been taken care of by now.

I’m writing this on saturday night, which means that the assignment is to be delivered tomorrow and I should probably get back to work. There is still a lot of thing that needs to be done. I think I have a long night a head of me.