YouTube, I hate you.

And I know that deep down inside you feel the same way. YouTube has a strange ability to completely ruin my productivity. I have yet to figure out how it does it, but one day I will. Trust me. This time around the reason for my lack of doing anything remotely useful during my day is Eddie Izzard. Thanks to a video HerrMyklebust posted on his blog.

I have always though Izzard was pretty funny, but never botherd to really check out his stuff, but now thanks to the one god damned video I have seem practically every video of Izzard on YouTube. This, as you can imagine, makes working on my animation assignments pretty hard. But I think I have gotten it out of my system for now (until another great comedian shows up, I guess).

Anyways, if you haven’t really watched anything by Eddie Izzard, do so now! The whole man-wearing-womens-clothes thing might throw some of you of, but all it really does is add to his fantastic jokes.

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