Battlestar Timewaster

Battlestar Galactica

Oh, I mean that in a good way, just so you know, the title that is. Lately I’ve been watching less movies, and instead I have been watching more TV shows. I think the reason for this is that so many of the movies that have come out recently are just boring. Not that there isn’t a bunch of fantastically horrible TV shows, because there is. But there is also a large amount of great series that I’ve missed over the years, and the one I’ve decided to watch now is Battlestar Galactica.

In general I’m really not that much of a sci-fi fan, but Battlestar really caught my attention. It has a terrific story and some fantastic characters, and is over all just very fun to watch. I just finished season two which was great. Really looking forward to watching the next season!

The only (big) problem with TV shows is that they take up a lot of time, that I technically don’t have, but strangely, I some how always manage to find ways around that. Oh, well. Other than BSG I’m also currently enjoying season 6 of Entourage, and I really don’t think is has become as bad as everyone says. I’m really looking forward to, September which will be a fantastic month as we get new seasons of House, Dexter and Californication. That will possibly ruin my productivity completely. I’m screwed…

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